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5 user4731409

Kristan was great at listening to my needs, both as a seller and a buyer. She was attentive and responsive, and provided great insight into the whole transaction process. She gave good, realistic input on what to expect during a difficult housing market. She was proactive in helping me sell my house, and held numerous open houses as well as creating an online presence. Kristan explained the selling process from helping me stage my home, evaluating the competition to set a price, and understanding any issues that came up regarding inspections or buyer requests. She was patient as I looked at LOTS of options for a new home, and was effective and efficient in helping me negotiate the purchase. Kristan has a great positive optimism that I really appreciated, and I truly valued her experience with the whole real estate process.

5 user219543

The current market is very difficult with short sales, foreclosures and closely scrutinized financing. Kristan did an excellent job navigating the deal and advocating on my behalf. She made sure the deal closed, despite unheard of hurdles. She is there when you need her, but she is not pushy. And she is patient while you find the home that is right for you. I have no reservations about recommending Kristan Rigdon!

5 TokyoJock

We have bought a number of investment properties with Kristan acting as our agent and I can honestly say that she has brought value to every transaction. She has helped us locate suitable properties and guided us every step of the way. Kristan goes above and beyond with her service from previewing properties we pick from the personalised website she set up for us, to lining up inspectors, and any tradesmen that we might require. Her knowledge of the Colorado Springs market is unsurpassed as well as her knowledge of dealing with short sales and R.E.O.’s a must have in this current market. We are more than happy for Kristan to pass on our details to any of her potential clients in the event that they want a more in depth recommendation.

5 user917510

Kristan is a phenomenal professional. She has helped me with both buying and selling and with residential and investment property. She understands the local real estate market extremely well and is very thoughtful in pricing and helping prepare homes to sell (we sold my home in Rockrimmon in 2007 in just 60 days). In addition, she has tremendous knowledge of the rental market and has great strategies for finding the right investment property.

When I sold my home in 2007, she started the process several months in advance by taking me to preview competing properties in the neighborhood to determine pricing and condition. She then hired a stager to help me get my home ready for sale. I believe this process helped make my home more marketable to potential buyers. We had a TON of showings and sold fairly quickly.

In purchasing my new home in Manitou Springs, we viewed TONS of homes and she helped me make a wise decision not just in finding a great home but in negotiating an appropriate price even in an overheated market.

I often recommend Kristan to my friends and associates

5 user506592

My business relationship with Kristan has been over a period of six years, and has involved the sale of five different properties. I do not exaggerate when I say that nobody, and I mean nobody, could have done a better job. She has unparalleled knowledge of the area concerned (codes, laws, rules, community). As far as process expertise is concerned, she is very knowledgeable and serious about her craft, but she is always willing to ask questions and learn if she is unsure about a particular issue. She has always been responsive to me, and, if I need her, is readily available. She always skillfully deals with all persons in a very professional way. All of our business dealings have been long distance, but went smoothly despite this added complication. Her integrity and ethics are without question. I trust her implicitly and highly recommend her.

5 user4375813

We cant express enough how great it was to have Kristan as our Realtor. Her prompt communication, and the knowledge she had of each of the neighborhoods across the city we looked at helped make our home buying process a great experience. Before ever going to look at homes, she spent time with us to understand what we needed in a home, and what areas we should be looking. She recommended areas that weren’t on our radar that could be hidden Gems that could have been overlooked! Her humor, and positive attitude, helped ease the stresses of purchasing a house. Kristan was so great to work with, and is one of a kind. We can’t say enough good things about her, and the time she spent on helping us find our home.Kristan came as a recommendation from a friend to us, and we would without hesitation recommend her to anyone that we know!

5 user9661201

Kristan was a great help selling our home in a down market. She made a personalized website just for our house and held quite a few open houses. Her expertise of our local housing market and specific neighborhood allowed us to make the right decisions in setting our price point and knowing which features of our house to ‘play up’ to perspective buyers that were looking in our area. During our negotiations with the buyer she was key in letting us know which issues we could stand firm or even push on and which we needed to concede to get the best price for our home. I would absolutely (and have) recommend Kristan Rigdon as a sellers agent in the greater Colorado Springs area.

5 user468059

Kristan was our agent for both the sale of our previous home and the purchase of our new home. Kristan was fantastic in both transactions. I would highly recommend her to my family and friends.

The sale of our home went incredibly well even in a tough market. Kristan kept us up to date on neighborhood trends and gave of us honest, expert advice on all aspects of the sale.

The purchase of our new home also went equally as well. She is an expert negotiator and kept us informed of every detail of the transaction. We couldn’t be happier with both transactions.

5 user8040181

Kristan helped buy our new house. We put an offer in on a short-sale and Kristan fought tooth and nail every step of the way. She was incredibly responsive and would always do her best to keep us updated and was so supportive and helpful when we would badger her with details. We probably visited thirty to forty houses before we fell in love with our current home, and Kristan did all she could to help us, including rearranging her schedule to help us out. I highly recommend Kristan and have done so to my friends, who have used her services and appreciated her.

5 user1794454

Kristan is exceptionally organized. She has focused attention to detail and inspires confidence from the first encounter. She is a very aggressive researcher. She has a vast resource catalog and is highly skilled in technology which is an enormous aid in buying and selling. She gave us honest advise and many helpful tips in preparing our house for sale. Frankly, I can not think of any area in which she was deficient. I can recommend her without reservation.

5 user1109295

Kristan is not only personable and easy to work with but she is dedicated to providing the best service available. She did not hesitate to fit her schedule to ours when viewing properties and really listened to the requirements we had for the property we were seeking to buy. Her advice was invaluable in making a final decision.

5 user1066861

Kristan knew exactly what I wanted and worked to help me get it. She was patient and matter of fact, never letting any details go undone. Her professionalism and negotiating skills are the best I have seen and I have worked with many realtors over the years!

Anyone that hires Kristan will be very happy and I recommend her to anyone and everyone.

5 user335846

From the first interaction we had with Kristan, she has been extremely responsive, positive, and great to work with. She is very thorough and prepared, she follows up quickly, and she has the experience to know what to do to sell and buy a home, and deal with all the details involved in both processes. Our home sold in 4 days and we also found the perfect new home with Kristan’s help. She is very trustworthy and experienced and we highly recommend her to anyone looking for an agent.

5 user0340192

Kristan was very attentive to our needs in a home and located several very quickly. Within less than two weeks we had the perfect house, an excellent price and she guided us through each step in the process. Emails and calls were either answered immediately or shortly after they were left. I would recommend her as a very aggressive and hard working realtor that is extremely customer centric.

5 user0003331

I cannot begin to describe the amount of help and expertise Kristen brought to the table. I was moving from the midwest when i made contact with Kristen and she was always quick to respond and help with any questions i had. I had not even met her until about a week before we moved in but that didnt matter. Everything we needed, she took care of. Best of the best hands down.

5 user5569224

When I first became interested in purchasing a home, I went in Zillow and found a couple homes I was interested in. Kristan was the agent to contact for the homes I wanted to see. The morning after I filled out the information on Zillow, she called and was ready to help. Kristan shows the utmost professionalism when it comes to real estate. She is always available to answer your questions or she will get back to you in a very timely manner. She lays out all the steps you need to take when purchasing a home and makes the process painless. Also, she updates you via email with all the necessary paperwork and documents you will need. I cannot recommend Kristan enough. If you choose her as your agent, she will deliver expert results and make everything smooth during the stressful time of buying a new home.

5 user5943600

Kristan was absolutely fantastic to work with over the last three months. As a first time home buyer who happened to live on the western slope, I had high demands and little availability. Kristan was remarkably professional and patient with me throughout the process and remains a useful resource to me today, even after I finished the home buying process. I would highly recommend her to anyone! She has the utmost integrity and is a pleasure to work with.

5 user09179869

Kristan is well versed in all areas that involve real estate. She assisted my husband and I with selling our old home and purchasing our current one. She was great throughout the entire process. Kristan is excellent with communication. She returned our calls almost always immediately, and when she was unable to return a call right away, she provided us with a time frame of when we could expect her to get back to us.I always knew what was happening every step of the way because Kristan was always sure to include us in the entire process of both selling our house and purchasing a new one. She has great ideas that she will share; from providing tips on how to show our house to make it look more appealing to the buyer, to out of box thinking to resolve issues that arose with contracts and inspections. Kristan listened to what was important to us and never once pressured us. She would provide us with the information we needed to make a decision and then would patiently wait while we made a decision of what we wanted to do next. Kristan was always available and would flex her schedule to meet our needs She knows how to negotiate and she knows how to make a deal happen. Kristan does her research and knows the market well. When we put our house up for sale, she gave us a number of what we could expect to sell it for. By the time we were closing on it, the numbers were almost spot of what she predicted. Same situation with purchasing our house. We offered less than what the house was selling for, based off Kristan’s recommendation, and we got it! Aside from her professional skills, Kristan is also very friendly and easy going. She made the entire process (of both selling our house and purchasing a new one) very exciting and fun for us! We will definitely call her next time we are ready to move.

5 user7422609

Kristan was FANTASTIC to work with. From the beginning, my husband and I enjoyed her laid back, no pressure approach to real estate. At our request, we would look at houses we were interested in, on our schedule. Each house we looked at, Kristan provided candid and honest feedback. When we finally made up our mind on a house to put an offer in on, she was extremely proactive. That same night we stated we were going to make an offer, she sat us down and we developed a time line for closing. She went over each aspect to closing and we knew EXACTLY what was expected and by when it needed to be accomplished.

Her amazingness did not stop when we placed an offer on the house. We had trouble with our finance company; they were lackadaisical processing our loan. Kristan took the reins and made sure we had all appropriate paper work completed and in on time. On top of that, she also made sure the loan officer was processing the loan to ensure we would close on time. And,we did!

Kristan is truly a top notch realtor.

5 user1735435

We worked with Kristan on the sale of our home and the search for a new one after meeting her at an open house and are very happy with her services. We were particularly impressed with her level of real estate knowledge and negotiation skills during the sales process. Kristan is also very honest and personable and made the house-hunting process fun. She was very responsive to our questions and needs and genuinely interested in finding the right house for us.

5 chantiny

Kristan was always there whenever I called. She was great at showing houses and very helpful when looking. She was knowledgeable about local real estate and really knows Colorado Springs and the market. She was great when dealing with other agents in finding out specific things about different homes.

5 user8688797

Kristan is a very good agent. She knows her job. She listens to what you tell her and what you what. Some agents that I have use would get upset because I did not buy the first thing that came along’

5 user1040284

We chose Kristan to help sell our personal residence after she helped sell a town- home for us (above asking price). This sale was particularly daunting because the subdivision we lived in was difficult to pin down in terms of pricing; many homes in the area had comparable square footage, but fewer upgrades and were priced lower. Several times after we arrived at a sales price, we were very anxious to lower it in an effort to push the sale faster. Yet, Kristan fought hard for our extensive upgrades with buyers and discouraged us from ‘giving’ our house away even though we were under a very stressful time crunch with an overseas relocation looming. She strategically planned several showings, and in the end, we arrived at a contract after having competing offers in one day. Her negotiation skills are awesome! In an unpredictable market, she managed to get us full asking price 3 weeks later. I’ve worked with several realtors both personally and professionally over the years, (as a mortgage broker), and Kristan is truly the best I’ve ever worked with. She is thorough, knowledgeable, and an incredible negotiator – I believe it’s probably her greatest competency. We will continue to recommend her to all our associates, co-workers, neighbors and friends. She really puts her client’s need and interests as her top priority.

5 user6012032

I’ve worked with several realtors over the years both personally and professionally (as a mortgage broker). In Colorado Springs we’ve bought and sold 3 personal residences, but when we acquired a town-home through an inheritance the property was in less than ‘ideal’ condition. For this situation, we wanted to make sure we went with someone who understood the market and area well as we hadn’t sold anything since the housing market downturn, and our last experience had been less than satisfactory, to boot.

We interviewed 5 agents, out of them all, Kristan was the only one who came so well prepared with stats and market analysis- ready to do business.

She asked to view the property and went through it carefully, pointing out what was a critical fix. I was impressed because she was very discerning and accurate.

In the end, we sold the town-home in a day with competing offers. Kristan very skillfully negotiated the best possible outcome for us, the seller- above asking price. This is actually rather unique given the instability of current market conditions. It shows the caliber of agent she is because she didn’t hesitate to call leads back, staying on top of all possible offers and providing worthwhile feedback as to how things were progressing.

Out of all the agents I’ve ever worked with – she is the best! Hands-down. Kristan is extremely helpful when it comes to providing advice, but draws upon a vast knowledge base to arrive at a viable price and negotiate the sale with her clients needs in mind. She put our interest in the property at the top of her priority list, which is incredibly rare these days. It’s why we decided to use her again, two months later to sell our personal residence.

5 user5932512

Selling my townhome with Kristan was such a positive experience I almost wish I had another property to sell. She listens, she responds to phone calls and emails right away but she is never pushy. Her knowledge of the market was excellent — Kristan made sure I understood everything I needed to know about the market and what I needed to get done in order to make a good sale.

5 user5030815

Kristan was the Agent for 3 transactions, including both buying and selling. She is a pro-active communicator and really works hard for her clinets. I feel that her strongest skills are her ability to negotiate, problem solve and close the deal. She is very sharp on details and double checks on everything. I loved seeing her number pop up on my phone because I knew there was going to be a pleasant happy voice on the other end.

Kristan will do the very best for you. You can trust her.

5 user80060860

Kristan listened to the needs of my family and genuinely cared about us as people. She demonstrated masterful expertise throughout the entire process of selling our previous house and buying our current home. The first time we had the house for sale with a different realtor, it was on the market for a year and we became discouraged and we gave up until I got a new job and really needed to move. Because of Kristan’s professional connections, research, thoroughness, and diligence, we sold it in less than three months. She was always quick to respond to our questions, was flexible, and as an added bonus, she was able to make this seemingly monumental task light and fun. I would highly recommend Kristan to my friends and family.

5 andrearivera3

Kristen was wonderful and always available…night, day, weekends! I always felt comfortable contacting her asking her questions. She comes with great experience, she was always able to make referrals and recommendations when we needed help else where, she was even very helpful with our other purchase ! thank you for everything and I will miss working with you.

5 GordonWay

We had a blast working with Kristan. Incredibly approachable and patient as this was our first home buying experience. She explained all the ins and outs with perfect detail and in a relatable way. We actually had a blast looking for homes, instead of the usual story of people getting frustrated, fatigued, or etc. We will gladly work again with her on our next purchase.

Great realtor!

5 magad7

Kristan did a great job of listling and help in selling my house. She took care of every detail including moving furniture and other articles to make the house more attractive. She was honest in every detail to potential buyers and their realestate reps. She brought in and paid for a stager to help rearrange furniture to our best advantage. Closing was very easy as she had coordinated everything with the title company.

5 christikeiser

Kristan Rigdon helped us with both buying on one occasion and selling on two occasions. Her knowledge and business acumen is above reproach. In the last sell of my house I was not as hands on as I was in the first. I moved out of town before my before the sale and before my family could join me. I did this with confidence because I knew that Kristan would keep my needs in the forefront of her mind when working to sell our house. And that is exactly what she did. I would highly reccommend Kristan for all your realty needs!

5 sallycl

Kristan went above and beyond to help me buy my home. Her calm demeanor and knowledge of the industry were extremely helpful to me, a first time home buyer. I would recommend her to anyone buying or selling a home.

5 zuser20140525201025791

Our family had need to make a move across country from the Carolinas. Having never been to Colorado, we selected Kristan based on her reviews on Zillow. It was a gamble that paid off in spades. Kristan is fair, knowledgeable, personable, and knows this region’s market well. She work with me through some trying time constraints and was of tremendous benefit to our family in our real estate transaction every step of the way. I recommend her to anyone looking for a real estate agent.

5 zuser20140530101518633

I have bought and sold many types of property in various states. Kristan Rigdon is a highly qualified and efficient realtor. She gets the job done. I had a 1031 exchange and she kept in contact with my accommodator in California, the listing agent, the Title company and myself in a timely manner. Any problem that came up was resolved by Kristan with professional communication or skilled negotiating. I would recommend Kristan Rigdon highly.

5 zuser20140618201023664

Kristan was the most knowledgeable agent I have worked with. She sold my house in Colorado Springs and did a fantastic job all the way through the process even though I was out of the country for much of the time. She was excellent at communicating with both me and the buyers agent to ensure that everyone’s expectations were communicated effectively. I would highly recommend Kristan to sell your home.

5 terrysideris

Knowledgeable, courteous, excellent negotiator, advocates well for the client, listens and acts to the clients requests. Her approach provides for a good experience to a stressful situation.

5 abowman47

Kristan was great to work with during the entire processing of selling my home. The presentation of property in the online listing and flyer was excellent because she had the photographs and flyer done by professionals. Since the property was advertised so well, there were quite a few showings within the first week and a solid offer on the third day after listing. Kristen was very helpful in moving the process along with the buyers and closing occurred on time without any issues. I will definitely give her a call in the future if I decide to buy a property in the Colorado Springs area.

5 lil tutu chi

Kristan is a very reliable and professional agent. She is also amiable and great to work with. Highly recommended!

She was with us every step of the process if buying our new home. She always gave really great, insightful advice. What’s more, she seems to genuinely care about her clients.

5 leahramzy

We have known Kristan for many years and have used her services 5 times to buy and/or sell properties. She is the only realtor that we will use on any future transactions as well. We cannot say enough great things about Kristan! She is extremely knowledgeable, professional and her level of expertise is unparalleled. We truly feel that she always operates with our best interests in mind and that is hard to come buy in the real estate industry. Kristan is easy to reach with questions, but if she isn’t immediately available, she will return your call promptly. She is the only realtor that we recommend to family and friends as we know that she will provide them with the best possible service as she has always done with us!

5 NathanGrass

I feel my wife and I were very fortunate to encounter Kristan during our initial “open house hopping” weekends. Before she was our buying agent she was very helpful and responsive going above and beyond the expected level of effort. She was very helpful in getting us lined up with the mortgage, inspection and was knowledgeable about the overall process and kept us on target meeting every dead line as painlessly as possible.

On top of her outstanding professionalism she is also very personable and friendly. We felt like a true friend was helping us along the way and we will truly miss our regular contact with her.

We got into a quality home well inside our budget with the size, location and amenities we were most looking for. Should we have a need for a real estate agent in the future we will definitely use her again.

5 oreillys722

Kristan was always extremely prompt and knowledgeable. She would take the time to help us understand/resolve any concerns we had about a property. A great choice for us. We highly recommend her.

5 lschlanske

Having recently contracted with Kristan to sell our home, we have nothing but praises for how smoothly the process went and professionally it was handled. Kristan is knowledgeable, experienced, is a wonderful communicator, knows the city and the real estate business and above all has integrity. She not only met our needs but exceeded expectations, going above and beyond with every part of the sale process. We highly recommend her for any of your real estate needs. If we ever have the need to buy or sell again, she will be the one we call!

5 nck4857

Kristan was an awesome Realtor for us. She was very knowledgeable about our area and helped us narrow down our search very quickly. We were from out of town and she kept us in constant contact regarding possible homes to look for and neighborhoods that suited our needs. We are very lucky to have found her and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a Realtor in our area.

5 tsalash

Kristan was fantastic! She listened to our needs and found us multiple properties to look at and compare. Kristen was available whenever we needed her. She helped us look at all things to consider when buying an investment property. She put us in contact with a great Mortgage Company, and Loan Officer. She made the transaction easy and enjoyable. I would recommend Kristan to anyone looking to buy or sell a home or property.

5 MMez16

Fantastic and professional service. Kristan has tremendous knowledge of Colorado Springs Real Estate, and made my first buying process extremely easy. I would recommend Kristan for any Real Estate need.

5 peggyolson6

Kristan is probably the best realtor that I have ever worked with. She is always available to answer questions, show you a property and very patient. We were looking for a Townhouse for my son, who has a “large” dog. This made our choices somewhat limited. Kristan makes you feel like you are her only client. Never rushing off to work with someone else. I love her sunny disposition and being around her makes you want to be friends with her. AWESOME !!

5 cbsaren

I was matched up with Kristan by inquiring on a home I saw in Zillow. She called me on a Sunday, within an hour or two of me sending my on line inquiry. That was the first thing that amazed me. I told her my situation and that I was planning on coming into town at the end of that week, and she cleared her schedule to accommodate me. Kristan is an intelligent, funny, and warm woman. She really does listen and respond to your needs and, in my opinion, really goes way above and beyond what I would expect from a Realtor! I was a bit wary initially being matched with a “Zillow Agent”, until I met her and learned that Zillow really is picky about who they choose to work with them. We searched from sun-up to sun-down and I never felt that I was merely “another” client. She provided factual input when requested, and spent extra time trying to find us that perfect home. After two trips back, we did find the perfect house, and I found a new friend. I was actually sad at closing that we were all done, and said our good-byes. I do plan on staying in touch with her when we move in, and will highly recommend her services to anyone. I have had about 5 realtors over the course of my lifetime and can easily say that SHE IS THE BEST !

5 madelineeholder

One day I got a hold of Kristan, and within a few hours she got back to me very quickly. Within a few days we set up appointments to look at homes. She set aside a whole week to help me look. After we closed on our house she was always on top of it to give us information about certain things we had to do to close on our home and make the process easier. She always checked in and made sure we didn’t feel like we were on our own during the process. Kristan was very kind to me and my family. She understood my situation with my husband working away from home all the time and she went with the flow and adapted to the situation which was very nice. She is very knowledgable of Colorado Springs, very kind and very funny and won’t waste your time looking for a home. I highly recommend her and I would go to her again.

5 user7578063

Quick action needed to be taken when seeing a new listing in a hot neighborhood. We e-mailed Kristan to arrange for a showing of the house and within the hour she arranged for her co-realtor to show us a house because she was in Mexico! Kristan is a great REAL ESTATE AGENT! She is very knowledgeable, kind, professional, and responds quickly for any questions you may have. She makes herself available to you no matter the time of day. Thank you for everything!

5 dvaldez1884

I can’t put into words how amazing my experience was with Kristan. She was super helpful and knowledgeable. She always took my needs and schedule into consideration with the processes of selling my house. I never once felt like she was just out to make a sale. She genuinely cares about her clientele. She is super funny and makes stressful situations more tolerable. She’s the best! I refer her to all my friends and family! Thanks for everything, Kristan! I can’t wait to start the buying process with you by my side! -Danielle Valdez

5 dianewright34

Kristan’s experience and expertise were invaluable in finding the perfect home for us! She knows the process in and out and takes care of everything! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a smooth successful home purchase!

5 rchampion80909

We would gladly and most assuredly recommend Kristan Rigdon for her expertise as a real estate agent, but even more, for her thorough, customer-friendly and supportive manner in real estate sales. Kristan was recommended to us by a friend and work colleague. She was one of several agents we interviewed as we began to consider selling our house. Kristan immediately won us over! She answered all our questions with helpful and ‘down to earth’ explanations. She advised us of the current market and explained the process, much as any agent would do; but even more she provided valuable personal advice and suggestions. She was never ‘pushy’ or demanding, but gave us detailed points, both pro and con to help us in various decisions regarding what we should do to prepare our house for market. Once we agreed to contract with her she stayed in constant contact—giving us updates on the current market, but really also being accessible for the many questions we continuously had. She spent a great deal of time with us, explaining in great detail how the whole process would work. She was never condescending or impatient, especially with my husband’s constant queries and worries, realizing that we don’t do this everyday and all the language was foreign to us. She offered excellent advice—and had a very solid staff to help with various issues that arose, yet she allowed us to make the decisions that truly were best for us and our situation. If you want a great agent there is no better choice in my opinion than Kristan Rigdon.

5 ronandkims

Kristan was a pleasure to work with. She is very knowledgeable of real estate trends and what is going on locally. Kristan is very detail oriented and thorough in going through the paperwork to make sure her clients are aware of everything! She is very professional and prompt in returning calls and getting answers. We feel that Kristan helped us to get top dollar for our property. If we ever have the need for a realtor, we will absolutely use Kristan!

5 arian 3683

This is our first time buying a home and Kristan Rigdon was very professional and very helpful. Through her diligency she helped us to find our perfect home. She is very nice, very patient, and very compassionate. She gives her honest and truthful opinions on whether, or not the home is the right fit for you, or not. Kristan Rigdon is very easy-going and is sensitive to your needs. She is very understanding and very knowledgeable, too. If you have any questions, or concerns, Kristan will not hesitate to answer them, and if she doesn’t know, she will find out the answer as soon as possible. I would DEFINITELY recommend her to anyone!

5 freddienewton5

Kristan is a very personable, honest and respectful agent. She was never tired or rude when I would email her houses that I wanted to see and there were many. The thing I liked most about her is that she was there for us through the whole process. I have even contacted her after we moved into our house with questions and she still gets back to me that day. She is not only a great agent, but she is a friend now too! I would recommend her in a heart beat!

5 alexbella777

I am a senior who lived in Omaha for 30 years before moving to Colorado Springs to be closer to my daughter. When my house in Omaha sold, I decided to buy an investment home to supplement my income. I met Kristan Rigdon at a meeting we both attended, and was impressed by her research and competency in handling a myriad of issues for our group. She always seems to instinctively know the right questions to ask to get to the heart of the matter and checks over the details with a fine tooth comb. Because of this she realized what wasn’t included in the contract and was able to get me a better deal. Kristan was always available to answer any questions I had, and explained things very thoroughly. Once, when time was critical and she wasn’t available, she had her partner show me a house so I wouldn’t have to wait. She was extremely patient, and didn’t put any pressure at all on me to buy just so she could make a sale. She wanted me to find what I needed. I was looking for a house that was move in ready and wouldn’t require much upkeep, so it wasn’t an easy task. Because of her real estate expertise, she would point out obvious things that I hadn’t even considered. She basically held my hand during the entire process. She spent hours explaining the ins and outs of the contracts I was signing to make sure I understood everything. She continues to help me now with any questions that I still have. She is so upbeat and easy to get along with that she made the difficult real estate process seem like it was easy and fun! I highly recommend that you call Kristan Rigdon. I’ve bought and sold a lot of homes in the past and this was my very best experience. I never met anyone who was so thorough in looking out for my needs! Call Kristan now!

5 AnnEisenbeis Fink

Kristan was an amazing realtor with selling our home. She provided us with what we needed to get our house ready to list and her efforts in marketing were amazing. We found Kristan through a friend of ours and so glad we did! She is the best! We will definitely utilize Kristan in any future home decisions.

5 MoSigler24

Touring properties was an enjoyable experience with Kristan. She was attentive to details that might create an issue for me, and she quickly picked up on my desires. I intend to use Kristan again the next time I look for a different house in Colorado Springs.

5 staceymiller05

Kristan was a great realtor. Very knowledgeable, polite, great to work with. Gets the job done. The house was listed for a short time and sold quickly.

5 xluciax

Kristan was fantastic to work with through the whole process! I highly recommend her to anyone. She’s a realtor who you can trust and goes the extra mile to help you find a place to call home! 🙂 Very military friendly and helpful in working with your schedule. I can only hope to find a realtor as awesome for my next military move–she has set the bar high!

5 robertlococo

kristan is a very friendly realtor. I always felt like she was fighting for me as a client. this was my first home purchase and I totally and completely appreciate her patience.

5 dianewright34

My husband and I have worked with Kristan previous to this last home purchase and she didn’t disappoint this time either. We think she is the best! She is smart and makes the process smooth and easy. We recommend her to our friends and family and to anyone reading this too!

5 semwheeler

Kristan knows what she is doing, is personable and helpful, and can sell a house before you can say “sold!” Anyone would welcome her expertise, her advice for preparing a home for sale, and her negotiation skills. Kristan walked through my mother’s house, which I needed to sell, and made suggestions to improve the home and its selling price: “replace the windows, have every room and all ceiling painted, and make improvements to the deck.” Kristan even recommended contractors for the work to be done. Each of the contractors recommended were able to do the work within a couple of months, and they did an excellent job at a reasonable cost. I myself devoted my energies to deep cleaning the whole house. By the time we put it on the market the home looked spectacular inside and out. It got bids the day Kristan put it on the market and was sold for a price higher than the listing price within the week. I highly recommend Kristan Rigdon for all your real estate agent needs.

5 JulieBMack

Kristan was amazing and did a great job as my Realtor. As a buyer, she showed me what I was interested in, listening to my needs, despite the price range. She was attentive, honest, and available. As a seller, she worked hard to get my houses sold. Despite some of the problems with one of properties and several contracts falling through for a myriad of reasons, she stuck with it, never wavering in her professionalism. Kristan also knows the area VERY well, so she showed my neighborhoods I never knew existed. HIGHLY recommend!

4 daynalee 36

This was the first time I had purchased an investment property.. I found Kristan online and read INCREDIBLE reviews on her! From the very first phone call I knew I was going to go with her.. she had such a warm and sincere presence To her… Not only was she incredibly knowledgeable about everything.. She has an amazing vibe to her that just seems to grab you even over the phone.. She will not only go above and beyond for you but also make you feel like you aren’t just a sale for her.. But she truly cares about you and your needs and wants to find you something that will fit every need you have! Very hard to find people like her nowadays! And trust me, it’s hard to make me comfortable and trust someone’s judgement from me being so far away ..She found me a place that instead of being a rental.. I wanted to personally live in( I won’t do that yet though 🙂 The whole process she made easier than buying a car!!! I will definitely be buying my next investment property from her as well as when my boyfriend and I buy a place! He had his own realtor in the springs that he loved.. But I know she isn’t as good as Kristan!! So she’s stuck with me:-) I can’t say enough about this experience.. But I can say you will be so happy you have her as your realtor!

3 coreykellett

I originally put a great review on here for Kristan right I closed on the home b/c she was asking me to do that but over time its nagged me b/c it wasn’t really accurate. So here’s the truth: I myself found the home that I eventually bought. She set me up with a web based MLS search tool & pretty much left me to it. That’s pretty much what all realtors do now-days but its kind of a cop out too. It sent me a bunch of auto-suggestions every day, which I found annoying b/c the software can’t really figure out what I like. Plus the software is buggy & doesn’t save your properties & it doesn’t work in the easiest of fashion. So I spent countless hours pouring over every single property almost every day for months. It wasnt until I was driving around the neighborhoods that I like that I found a home that wasn’t even in the MLS database yet, that I was able to approach the homeowners, on my own initiative, & earn their good graces & they pretty much promised to sell the home to me. To her credit, Kristin did spend a lot of time taking me to see the houses that I found & was actually very responsive in that way when I needed her to be. I also felt she was very honest most of the time & definitely steered me away from some bad properties that I didn’t realize were bad. She ws worth hiring & earned her commission just for that alone. But towards the end, her patience seemed to run out during some minor (but normal) struggles in the negotiating process & I remember she got a bit disrespectful to me when I expressed my unhappiness about some detail in the negotiations (after all, we’re negotiating away MY money & MY future home…not hers, so of course I wanted everything to be done right towards my satisfaction–& that’s how I felt about it). It then felt like to me that her attitude switched to something a bit antagonistic & disrespectful towards me at that point. However, I just wanted to close the deal b/c it was more important to get the house that I wanted –& be done with it– rather than let this conflict subvert me from getting this good home that I found after so much hard work. It’s a shame that it had to end that way. I was disappointed in that. I really haven’t heard much of anything from her at all since the closing went through 8 months ago. But, and this is a funny twist, my experience with the realtor who represented the seller–he sent me a Christmas card & sends me an occasional restaurant gift cards still to this day…pretty classy actually! Ya just never know how these things are going to turn out & who’s gonna be there for you in the end.

1 madwomanmarketing

Kristan is SOOO good at this. This is my second sale with her and my third purchase. Two of the purchases have been income/investment properties (including this one) and her attention to detail and commitment to keeping the process clean and timely is second to none. And she’s great fun to work with! I want to buy more houses just so I can work with her!

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